Strong commitment to the environment

TrailStrong Commitment to the Environment

Priority intervention axis were established before and during the event for the following :

✦ Mobility

✦ Natural and Cultural Heritage

✦ Prevention and Awareness Raising

✦ Restoration

✦ Water, Waste and Energy

✦ Health and Solidarity


Our ability to deliver on our pledges was audited by several reference environmental organisations :

✦ Zero Impact on the places the race goes through

✦ Recycling solutions favoured and awareness raising on the issue of wastefulness 

✦ Partnerships with startups specialised in recycling, depollution and alternative energies

✦ Actions to compensate the carbon footprint and respectful reforestation of the natural Mediterranean landscape in collaboration with INRA


An Environmental Ethics Charter was drafted up and signed by all runners and volunteers. A bio-responsible assessment was carried out in collaboration with our public partners at the end of this event.


trail-progresZero Impact on the places the race goes through

A study on the environmental impact of the event was carried out to ensure 0 impact. This study assessed the situation during and after the competition.



It was undertaken :

✦ In collaboration with local students in the region to mobilise the initiatives during the race

✦ Liaising with the relevant authorities at Regional National Parks, the National Park of Calanques, ONF, …

You can download the eco-responsible and ethical charter