Safety device

vsg_actu_trails_marensinA professional organisation

Race Organisation Team

✦ A race manager

✦ A course and safety manager

✦ A rescue and assistance services manager

✦ Friday May 26th at 3pm: race starts in Aix-en-Provence

✦ Saturday May 27th: «HALF» runners arrival at the Hostellerie de la Sainte-Baume, and the ULTIMATE RACE® runners arrival at the Pastré park, in the heart of Marseille

✦ Time barriers to ensure time limits are observed


Role and Responsibilities of the Race Manager

✦ Course validation and securing

✦ Management and organisation of volunteers at course check points and refreshment points

✦ Control of technical equipment and setup necessary to follow the race (timekeeping, communication, organisers and runners transportation)

✦ Ensuring adequate implementation of race Regulations 

✦ Coordination of safety (and ultimately rescue) of participants

✦ Coordination of start and finish areas

✦ Coordination of service providers

✦ Management of the «sweeper car», the environmental restoration of the places the race will go through and the disposal of race-generated waste


Couple of athletes taking a break, eating an apple and drinking isotonic drink.A customised medical rescue service

✦ Doctors and nurses working on shifts

✦ Professionals rescue teams positioned along the course on the basis of what is needed as the competition progresses

✦ Medical rescue outposts set up in the places where they make the most sense

✦ Service is completed with podologists, osteopaths and physiotherapists who will ensure runners receive proper care



logo_itraAn event up to international standards

The Ultimate Race is committed to following the recommendations of the Agenda 21 of French Olympic Sport. The course will be certified by the ITRA (International Trail Running Association)